05- What type of abuse claims are not tolerated and will result in my account termination?

We normally dont tolerate any type of abuse claims, we forward them to our client to fix it within 24 hours, however these type of abuse claims related, will result in termination of your account with no prior notice as state on our terms of service page.

01- Email Spam
02- IRC egg drops
03- Running your server as a proxy servers
04- Mail bombers
05- Anonymous mailers
06- IP spoofers
07- Port scanners
08- Hivemail
09- nph-proxy (and other scripts what operates like proxy)
10- phpShell
11- FormMail.cgi, FormMail.pl from Matt's Script Archive are not allowed.
12- running Xenu's Link Sleuth
13- Torrents/ Illegal Copyright seeding or sharing of any types of P2P file sharing.
14- Running a Phishing site(s)
15- Running Porn site
16- Running carding / cracks / warez or any type of illegal acts.
17- Emulator sites

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