06- My service was suspended for abuse, how can I solve this ?

Once we receive an abuse claim from our datacenter or 3rd party regarding your server, we forward it to you for handling and request that you respond back to the abuse ticket and fix it within 24 hours. 

  • If the client responded back within this time frame the service will not be interrupted and we will follow up with our client to make sure this is permanently fixed before the Abuse case is closed.
  • If the client fails to respond within the 24-hour time frame, our system will automatically suspend the service to avoid any future abuse as the case was never solved. Also, if we received several abuse claims for the same server/incident, we will have to suspend the server and notify you.

If your service was suspended for this reason, we advise you to respond back to the open case immediately and request to have the service unsuspended to fix it. You will need to make sure you have it fixed before requesting or advising that this abuse related issue is fixed. Several repeated Abuse claims for unfixed cases will result in a permanent suspension or termination of the service.


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