04- Just got my cPanel Linux VPS, how to register my own nameserver?

Once you purchase your cPanel vps from us, one our Technical support staff will contact you to walk you through setting up the nameservers, as this is part of the installation required by us to finalize the vps setup process.

To have your own nameservers for your own domain, for ex. (ns1.yourdomain.com / ns2.yourdomain.com). Its require 2 steps to complete this process

Step 1- To create the nameservers itself to point to the vps ip your purchased from us. You will need to register ns1 and ns2 to the ip(s) we will provide you. You are more than welcome also to provide us with a temp. credentials for us to perform this task for you at your domain registrant if its complicated or you are not familiar with the process.

Step 2- Once we registered the nameservers in the above step 1, its now safe to change the domain nameservers to point to your custom made ones, which is ns1.yourdomain.com / ns2.yourdomain.com
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