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Meet The Blazing-Fast NVMe VPS

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Meet Blazing Fast NVMe VPS , Top CPU & I/O Performance combined with enterprise grade NVMe M.2 drives and 10Gbps network port at a very competitive price. The NVMe is 5X Faster than SSD and 25X Faster Than Regular HDD. Take a look at our custom plans starting from just $21.95. Available in 30 Locations WorldWide

Top Performance & Best Price Guaranteed!
Plan CPU Ram Core Storage Bandwidth Location Price  
NVMe-2GB Dual E5 2GB 2 30GB NVMe ∞ @10GbpsGuaranteed 500mbps+ 36 Locations $21.95 Order Now
NVMe-4GB Dual E5 4GB 4 60GB NVMe ∞ @10GbpsGuaranteed 500mbps+ 36 Locations $34.95 Order Now
NVMe-6GB Dual E5 6GB 6 80GB NVMe ∞ @10GbpsGuaranteed 500mbps+ 36 Locations $49.95 Order Now
NVMe-8GB Dual E5 8GB 8 100GB NVMe ∞ @10GbpsGuaranteed 500mbps+ 36 Locations $64.95 Order Now
NVMe-16GB Dual E5 16GB 16 200GB NVMe ∞ @10GbpsGuaranteed 500mbps+ 36 Locations $99.95 Order Now
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What is the NVMe SSD VPS?

The NVMe SSD VPS I/O is 25X Faster than regular HDD and 5X Faster than SSD, combined with 100% uptime, blazing fast 10Gbps port and 500mbps+ guaranteed bandwidth. The NVMe-SSD Windows VPS has the same features and functionality of a dedicated server for less, starting from just $21.95 Monthly.


Features above all

Under 1 Hour Deployment

24/7 Support Fleet

One-Click Reboots

Enterprise DDoS Protection

3 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

100% Uptime SLA

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