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Next-Generation Hosting: Storage KVM VPS Unleashed

KVM Storage VPS offers superior performance and reliability by utilizing hardware-assisted virtualization. Each virtualized server operates independently, ensuring complete isolation and security for users. What sets KVM Storage VPS apart is its efficient storage management. It optimizes storage resources, allowing seamless scaling of storage capacity without compromising performance.

KVM Storage VPS is ideal for businesses and individuals who require high-performance hosting environments for applications, websites, and databases. It delivers lightning-fast data access, low latency, and the flexibility to customize resources according to specific requirements. This technology is renowned for its stability, security, and ability to handle resource-intensive workloads, making it a popular choice for developers, businesses, and IT professionals seeking reliable and high-performing hosting solutions. Starting as low as $6.95 per month.

Storage KVM VPS - Plans
Plan RAM Cores Storage Bandwidth IP Location Price  
STRGKVM-2GB 2GB 2 vCore 250GB StorageEnterprise RAID10 2TB @10Gbps 1 IPv4/64 IPv6 Tampa-FLMore Coming soon $6.95 Order Now
STRGKVM-4GB 4GB 4 vCore 500GB StorageEnterprise RAID10 4TB @10Gbps 1 IPv4/64 IPv6 Tampa-FLMore Coming soon $14.95 Order Now
STRGKVM-8GB 8GB 4 vCore 1TB StorageEnterprise RAID10 6TB @10Gbps 1 IPv4/64 IPv6 Tampa-FLMore Coming soon $26.95 Order Now
STRGKVM-16GB 16GB 8 vCore 2TB StorageEnterprise RAID10 10TB @10Gbps 1 IPv4/64 IPv6 Tampa-FLMore Coming soon $54.95 Order Now
Linux & Windows AMD Ryzen KVM NVMe VPS

Your Virtual Space, Your Rules: KVM Storage VPS

KVM Storage VPS is a powerful hosting solution that combines the advantages of virtualization with dedicated resources and strong isolation. It's an excellent choice for users seeking a highly customizable, secure, and scalable hosting environment for various applications and workloads. A versatile and powerful technology that not only serves as an offline remote backup but also transforms into a feature-rich media server.

Discover how KVM Storage VPS is revolutionizing the way we handle data backup and media streaming.

Get Yours Today starting as low as $6.95 per month.


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