09- I was charged twice this month, How to proceed?

Most duplicate payment happen either by a duplicate subscription set by the client or a client that has totally forget and paid the invoice manually while has the auto payment enrolled.

If your account received an over payment, our system will automaticly store this over payment as an account credit balance. You can at anytime open a support ticket and notify our billing team to help you identify what caused this overpayment to fix it and we do provide you with either refund that overpayment back to the payment method you paid with or keep it as credit balance for future invoices. Your choice.

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Our billing cycle is 30 days of service.

02- Do you offer auto payment?

We do offer auto payment/subscription through both of our payment gateways, Paypal & Stripe.

03- What payment method(s) you accept?

We accept PayPal & all major credit/debit cards through Stripe.

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